Spring Term 2021 Events

Our School Games calendar for 2020/21 has been adapted due to Covid-19 and a virtual approach has been adopted. Our virtual challenges can be completed both at school and at home and require minimal equipment, or if equipment is required it can be substituted for other household items. Our new Playwaze system has allowed for virtual competition to be accessed anywhere and everywhere, and for our 'at home' offer to be developed. See here for Playwaze.

This Spring Term, there are four different challenges. Most of which are open for the longer duration as we appreciate that it may be difficult to fit into the school calendar over specific days and weeks. The downloadable and printable challenge overview can be found here!

HEALTHY SELFIE CHALLENGE - January Campaign (1st - 31st January 2021)

Who for: Everyone!

Entry: Set aside a noticeboard area for children and staff to display their pictures, set the Healthy Selfie challenge as a homework task, celebrate children's successes and Tweet what you have been doing using the #CandPHealthySelfie (or send in to schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk). 

The #CandPHealthySelfie campaign is for schools and families to show how they stay active and promote and celebrate healthy lifestyles. This can be anything from walking to school, PE lessons, active breaks, trampolining in the garden, active learning, a trip out in nature, cooking healthy foods or making healthy snack options. This is a great way of sharing ideas, celebrating those bog and small healthy choices and inspiring others to be active and eat well.

Staying active and eating well is even more important in the current climate so get involved and share what you are doing. We can't wait to see your Healthy Selfies!

See the downloadable and printable challenge card here!

INVASION GAMES CHALLENGE (until Friday 12th February 2021)

Who for: Primary Schools

Where: Indoors (School Hall) or Outdoors (Playground or Field)

Format: This is a class challenge with four activities for all children to take part in. Children will take part in team with each class split into teams of five pupils.

If you would like to compare your scores against other school for some friendly competition, please use the team scorecards which can be found on the last two pages of this document to calculate a class average and submit your scores to schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk or your School Games Organiser by Friday 12th February 2021. For each challenge, teams will be given 5mins to gain as many points as possible.

Resources: All the Invasion Games challenge cards can be found here.


There are also videos which have been created by young leaders to demonstrate the skills:


KS1 Netball - https://youtu.be/aQGAjel-VaI

KS1 Football - https://youtu.be/w2lE6dmRtTU

Years 5&6 Rugby - https://youtu.be/O2bzHknAwx8

KS2 Football - https://youtu.be/4LONmLz7Ghc

Years 3&4 Rugby - https://youtu.be/DS4WIoYgI5o

KS1 & KS2 Hockey - https://youtu.be/spncvyjbh7w

KS2 Netball - https://youtu.be/5ym3PPv-9YQ

We would love to see your attempts! Please use #CandPVirtualGames and tag your School Games Organiser if you share any photos on social media. Alternatively, please email your photos to your School Games Organiser or schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk

See the downloadable and printable challenge card here!

SKIPPING WEEK (week beginning 8th March 2021)

Who for: KS1 and KS2

Format: There are three skipping challenge levels: Bronze (beginners), Silver (intermediate) and Gold (advanced). The children can have as many attempts as they would like but to achieve the bronze, silver or gold level they must perform 10 of each skill without a mistake. There is a scoring spreadsheet here - return this to your School Games Organiser or schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk

There is also an additional 'personal challenge' for children to take part in. How many skips can you do in 1 minute?

Theme: The focus of this challenge is determination and self-belief.

Resources: Each level (bronze, silver and gold) can be found here!

See the downloadable and printable challenge card here!

PANATHLON (11th January 2021 - 12th February 2021)

Who for: This is aimed more specifically at SEND children, but all children in KS2, KS3 and KS4 can take part.

Format: There are 12 activities to choose from which are aimed to be inclusive, engaging and challenging/  Children complete these activities as a team of between 4 and 6. You can pick and choose the activities, selecting those which most suit your schools requirements, including space and equipment. The activities can be completed all in one lesson or over several lessons.

Theme: This is a fun and friendly event, the focus should be on inclusion, participation and teamwork. Teams should consist of a mixture of abilities and confidence to encourage children to work together and encourage one another.

Entry: Send an email to your SGO (or schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk) to let them know that your school would like to participate and all the challenge videos and instructions will be sent to you. We also are holding a 30-minute online webinar with Panathlon to give a quick overview. You must register in advance to attend here.

Competition: Why not run this as a class, bubble or intra-school competition? All you need to do is complete four set activities and record the team scores on the score sheet provided in the resources section. Those who wish to will be able to submit their scores from their highest scoring team to their SGO to be a part of the partnership competition!

Here are some videos to show the Panathlon Challenge:

Primary – https://youtu.be/AF-8kGhOS-o

Secondary – https://youtu.be/G_B73YgPXww

Special -  https://youtu.be/f5d1zKJ6Nnk

See the downloadable and printable challenge card here!

GYMNASTICS (deadline for entries 26th March 2021)

Who for: KS1 and KS2 (there are three judging categories: KS1, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6)

Format: In groups of 4 and 6, pupils are to plan and perform a floor routine made up of a range of compulsory and optional skills. All skill are aimed to be inclusive and differentiated according to ability. The routine needs to be around 1-minute long to music of your choice. 

Theme: Passion and Teamwork

Entry: Routines can be devised in PE lessons or extra-curricular clubs. Choose one entry per age category and send a video to your SGO or schoolgames@livingsport.co.uk.

Resources: Written instructions and diagrams for the compulsory skills for each age group can be found on the document here

See the downloadable and printable challenge card here

PLEASE NOTE: When submitting videos of pupils please ensure that your school photo/video consent policy is followed at all times. No videos submitted as entries into this competition will be shared publicly. They will only be viewed by the competition organisers and judges.